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get to know me

Ok l lets get to know this dragon behind this art.
Sona shandra by goddessofdragon

first things first. Please feel free to call me Dragon or Shandra, i really don't mind. I am 19 years old and work my life away already. im usally a very nocturnol person.
i may seem like a bitch by my jurnols or what ever else but im really not. Im usally pretty easy to get along woth an love making freinds. feel free to note or leave a comment i usally reply as soon as i can. i will warn you i do get annyed easly over things. its semi hard to anny me but i usally keep my cool.
i am always looking for art of my babys <3
but yea thats all i have for now


simple full drawing
doodle by goddessofdragon
Master's Art by goddessofdragon
go away by goddessofdragon
a simple full drawing of your oc 
background +100 
shadding + 100 
sketch page
sketch page by goddessofdragon
a sketch page of 5 or so images of ur oc 
you can pick poses or ill just be random 
shading +100
bust shot
Bust shot by goddessofdragon
Head Shot  by goddessofdragon
look at that by goddessofdragon
just a quick little bust shot of your oc 
might be shaded might not 
detailed drawing
kikikome and jethro by goddessofdragon loki by goddessofdragon I can do about anything but I will be picky
but yea these are the best I can do lol
medium animation
sever walking by goddessofdragon I will do a walking or simple animation for 500 points


Swiffer Mop
[5/25/2013 8:29:23 AM] Swiffer Mop:

Are open

untill i start on this cosplay out fit my commsions are open
just note me and well go from there i guess lol



:iconaracha: :iconfoxiore: :iconvilkenka: :iconsuchgo: :iconsleighter:



Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 9:31 AM
yea wow cant belive today my birthday 
lol i dont feel older at all just feel like i can drink as much as i want and no one will give a shit 



Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 9:31 AM
yea wow cant belive today my birthday 
lol i dont feel older at all just feel like i can drink as much as i want and no one will give a shit 

for sale/open commsion by goddessofdragon
for sale/open commsion
so i had someone back out of a commission from me so now im stuck with a plank that wont fit me and some fur 
im willing to sell all as is for 200$ plush shipping 
but im also willing to take a commsion on it (doesnt have to bee these colors) 
price will be disgused 
about the blank 
its a dvc large canine fits 25in heads 
everything is instuled 

fur will get mesurments soon 

feel free to ask qustions
ych auction by goddessofdragon
ych auction
im offering a limited animation auction
i rarely take animation for commsions but i been wanting to do this animation for awhile now so i said why not
i would you my own oc but i dont have good enough oc to use lol


not the anumation will be to a song i really enjoy
hero by pegbpardd nerds
it going to be your two oc vs my sona

please do not back out once you bid
reply to the highest bidder
payment must be sent with in 24 hours of being declared winner
examples of animations…


starting bid for each spot is 10$
auto but for a spot 100$


[8:29:23 AM] Swiffer Mop:

let me love you

goe sho these guys some love
they are amzing artist and some of my closest freinds
in no order
love ya guys
even threw thick and thin
or the lack of communication |D


should i trade my lap top for Photoshop 

16 deviants said no
3 deviants said yes


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Take care!
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your welcome hun ^^ 
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cute art.
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